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Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #7

Episode 7: A Fish Out of Water
Written by: David Schneider and James W. Bates
Directed by: Peter Salmon

Good news guys! It’s a Kevin focused episode! That’s right, everyone’s favourite Ranger gets a whole episode to shine. And even better, there’s another new zord being introduced! Can’t you just hear the kerching of the cash register as the toy makers grind out another action figure? We also get the first sight of a mysterious new villain! All this excitement in just one episode? How will I cope? Well let’s find out!

Its breakfast time at the Ranger HQ and Mike is teasing our beloved Kev again. This time it’s about eating his breakfast the Samurai way. Mia’s trying to get the gang to eat a peanut butter and jelly omelette which looks and sounds delicious, but no one’s interested. Perhaps Mia should stop wasting money on ingredients and spend a bit more on acting lessons. Oh yes I went there people! Luckily for us this is not an episode about Mia’s cooking. It’s about the long-time-missing Swordfish zord. Having watched most of the episodes of Samurai that have aired now I feel I need to say something. These Samurais are awfully careless with their possessions; they’ve lost this zord, broken that one and given away the other one. You know guys, if you’d look after all your possessions you could probably have created some sort of super ultra mega zord in the first episode and squashed the Nighlok threat in 5 minutes. Anyway Ji lets the Rangers know someone has spotted the Swordfish zord just as the gang are alerted to the arrival of another Nighlok. Jayden decides to entrust Kevin with a solo mission to retrieve the Swordfish zord whilst the rest of the gang take on the Nighlok. What a treat we’re in for!

This week’s Nighlok is a smelly chap called Yamiror. He’s up to the usual standard of villainy and has more cringe-worthy dialogue than the romantic scenes in Attack of the Clones. Elsewhere, Kevin’s off down the beach and it sure looks wet. If only his dad could see him now, he muses. I’m sure his dad would be very proud to see his son becoming a glorified fisherman. Makes all those years of Samurai training seem worthwhile. You know what? I think this scene calls for a flashback with my other favourite character. That’s right Kevin’s Dad is back in action! Unfortunately it’s just a clip from last time, but it’s always good to see an amazing acting performance on TV. Kevin lets us know this is what all the training has been for. Ya gotta admire his enthusiasm. I get the feeling Jayden could send Kevin out to get the team pizza and he’d believe it was crucial Samurai work if it was called a solo mission. Anyway Kev refuses to go back without the Swordfish zord. So he’s going fishin’ the old fashioned way with a rod and everything. He’s using a disk as bait, but he’s not having much luck catching the pesky robofish. Don’t give up Kev you’ve still got fifteen minutes to succeed!

Time for some light relief. Bulk and Spike are also spending the day at the beach, obviously not the same bit of beach as Kevin, and both are having trouble. Spike’s gone and got himself stuck in some sort of flotation device and Bulk can’t decide what kind of sand castle to make. Not really sure what purpose this scene serves but after it we’re back with the Rangers.

I do love a Nighlok that speaks in rhyme- it really doesn’t annoy the hell out of me. The Nighlok smells; they really drive that point home. It could only have been more obvious if his name was Dave Stinkerton from Smellytown. According to Octoroo, the monster of the week was created when some toxic waste was struck by lightning. Quite the origin story for such an irritating gimp. They should make Xandred do a bit more. He’s not really been that exciting a villain so far and he lacks the personality of a Lord Zedd or Lothor.

Kevin’s still trying to catch that darn Swordfish zord. Can he find the right symbol power? Boy I sure hope so. I can imagine a swordfish zord will come in very useful at some point in the not too distant future. Kevin’s using so much symbol power it’s wearing him out, and he doesn’t have the strength to carry on. He passes out and wakes up in a mysterious tent. He’s been rescued by a mysterious fisherman and unlike in Shinkenger it’s just a random guy hanging out by the beach fishing. I doubt he’s had a recent CRB check so we just have to hope he hasn’t done anything to Kevin whilst he was out cold. The mysterious fisherman just doesn’t get how important catching the Swordfish zord is, perhaps a call from Ji will demonstrate just how important this task is. But Ji has some tragic news. The Rangers have been poisoned! And even worse their fevers are nearly impossible to recover from. Come on Ji there must be a solution! There just has to be, I mean if there isn’t this is going to be a very short season. Luckily for us- and the Rangers- the Swordfish zord could solve all our problems. But Kevin better be quick because the gap sensor is going off and our fiendish Nighlok is on the rampage again. Jayden, being the dedicated legend he is, refuses to rest whilst there’s a Nighlok on the rampage. He gives Kevin a quick pep talk explaining he was chosen for this mission because of his “commitment and discipline” and he knows that Kevin can overcome any obstacle. So Kev’s been inspired and Jayden’s off to kick some butt. Awesome!

Jayden takes on the Nighlok alone, saving a mother and child before they get a face full of smog from the beasty. Elsewhere Kevin is giving the fishing his all and refuses to give in. Luckily he’s not alone. The mysterious fisherman is there to aid him in his quest to land that prize. The fisherman can’t quite understand why Kevin is so determined to capture the Swordfish (although he doesn’t appear to realise it’s a zord) but he respects what he’s trying to do and he’s there to help out. Jayden’s still fighting despite his weakened state. It’s not looking good. Yamiror has hit him so hard his Ranger suit fell off! Back at the beach and Kevin still hasn’t given up. The tension of swapping from one scene to the other is killing me! Kevin is focusing on finding the right symbol to snare this fish and by jove I think he’s finally found it! With some moral support from the mysterious fisherman (perhaps my second favourite guest star of the season after Kevin’s Dad) he might just succeed. He’s done it! He’s gone a shiny new blue disk and he’s left the mysterious fisherman completely confused as to what’s just happened.

What the hell is going on here?

The Mysterious Fisherman
Jayden is on his last legs and thinks are looking grim. He’s about to be defeated… but then the other Rangers arrive to save him! But wait! Now they’re all in danger! But then Kevin arrives and saves them all and even manages to come out with the cheesiest line of the season: “Did someone order the fish?”, classic.

Jayden was very happy to see Kevin.

The team are reunited at last and, with the purifying rain from the Swordfish zord, the Rangers are cured and the Nighlok’s powers are now useless. Every suits up and gets ready to kick some monster butt! Kevin weakens the beast with his water attack before Jayden whips out the fire smasher and Kevin uses the new Swordfish disk with it. It’s the 5 disk swordfish canon! Radical. That’s the first form down so you know what that means!

It’s Megazord time baby! This battle won’t be easy, as the Nighlok is creating some fog. Luckily Kevin has an idea. That’s right! The Swordfish zord. “Have a taste of my flying fish,” he taunts. 'Stinky Pants' is going down, as the new Swordfish zord will combine with the Megazord, forming a jaunty new hat that’ll come in very useful for crushing Nighloks. Well they’re gonna use twin blade mode and a Swordfish torpedo to take this jive turkey down once and for all. The battle is won and the Rangers are triumphant once again. But who is that mysterious Nighlok watching the battle? I’m sure we’ll find out very soon!

Back at the beach, Spike is about to make a splash and that splash is going right in the face of Bulk. Oh yes people we can finally bring back the Bulk getting squirted in the face tally after 2 episode break! They’ve been messing with us. Making us worry it wouldn’t happen again, but then BOOYA right in the face! It’s fitting that in an episode where Kevin really was the star he gets to finish up with a positive life lesson and some cheesy lines. It wasn't just his training that helped Kevin succeed; to truly succeed you need to believe in yourself and that’s a lesson we can all do with learning.

Number of times Bulk has been squirted in the face this season: 4
So the results are in and we’ve learned nothing at all. Yes last time I asked you whether you thought Samurais wore boxers, briefs or nothing at all and we had a three way tie. So we’re no closer to an answer than we were before. Perhaps if any real Samurais are reading you can drop me an e-mail at and let me know what is the situation in your pants. Whilst writing this review I got a tweet from Kevin himself how awesome is that?

Next time: There Goes the Brides

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