Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #14

Episode 14: Room For One More
Written by: Jill Donnellan and Jonathan Rosenthal
Directed: Akihiro Noguchi

So we’ve got a new Ranger, or have we? Antonio is a special case in the world of Power Rangers Samurai. He wasn’t born in to it, he’s chosen to dedicate himself to becoming a Samurai, and that’s causing more than a few issues with our favourite spandex clad heroes. Will Antonio be allowed to officially join the team? Can the Rangers accept the Gold Ranger as the latest addition to the team? Can Antonio come up with enough woeful gold based puns? For the answers to these questions and more, read on.

Antonio is the only subject of conversation this week. Both Kevin and Mia seem a bit wary of the man in the Gold spandex. Luckily for them, and rather unluckily for us, Mia says at least Jayden can vouch for him. Unfortunately, the only way he feels he can vouch for him is through the art of the flashback. And that means bringing back the terrible child versions of Jayden and Antonio. Now this is only a suggestion, but as just about every child actor in the history of the world is usually dreadful why don’t they start using midgets instead? Anyway the flashback scene is emotional and very moving. They were friends from when they first met. The times they played together were the only times Jayden felt like a real kid. God I’m welling up just writing about it. Why do we do this to our fictional children destined to be heroes? Ji wasn’t too keen on all the playing and judging by the pathetic attempts at training undertaken by young Jayden he has good reason. Kevin really isn’t keen on Antonio joining the team. He wasn’t born into it and he has had no formal training. And they have no idea what this guy is up to. All Antonio is interested in is looking good, and he’s even got a gold tie to wear as he heads to Shiba House to join his new team mates.

I think any worries we have about the team not letting Antonio join them are quickly dispelled with the opening titles which now include the golden one. Well at least we can all relax now and enjoy the journey. Ji’s not impressed with Antonio’s tardiness but he isn’t surprised by it. Ji’s still pissed off about Jayden giving Antonio a zord when they were kids. Antonio Garcia arrives at Shiba house and he’s about to make a tit of himself. Quite why the young man wearing his finest suit decided to bring a fishing rod with him I’ll never know but he manages to get it caught on his pants for a good old fashioned pants ripping gag. Nearly twenty years ago splitting pants were the bread and butter of Bulk’s role in the show. How things have changed. It breaks the tension and everyone has a good chuckle, but there are hard decisions to be made and terrible flashbacks to endure. The flashback of young Jayden making young Antonio a Samurai is beyond terrible in acting standards. Children cannot act. I’m sorry but it needs saying. Back in the present and Jayden doesn’t know what to do about his childhood friend. Ji thinks he’s too close and offers to make the decision for him.

Down with those pesky Nighloks and Xandred is whining again. God he annoys me. Worst villain ever. This time he’s whining at Octoroo about how he spends all his time studying and no time doing anything useful. That’s rich coming from Captain Half-Arsed. Well, Octoroo has got some bad news to make Xandred even whinier. He’s just dropped the bombshell that there are now six Samurai Rangers for them to deal with. Time to meet the Monster of the Week and he’s out to avenge his predecessor. Meet Steeleto- he won’t be staying long.

It’s time to catch up with our loveable comedy duo Bulk and Spike. Just what are these loveable rogues up to this time? Oh it’s more of Spike’s creepy Pink Ranger fantasies. Joy! To be fair beyond the creepiness the dream scenes are quite amusing. And following that scene a miracle happens. That’s right I can bring back the score board. Bulk has received a load of goop in the face! It’s been such a long time since it last happened I will have to check my records to see how many times it’s now happened.

Number of times Bulk has been squirted in the face this season: 5

Back at the Shiba House and Ji is probing Antonio about the Samurai Morpher he was able to create. We learn just how dedicated to his training as he was. Emily and Mike are eager for him to join them but Ji won’t allow it. Ji has confiscated his Morpher just as the Nighlok sensor goes off. Maybe I’m going soft in my old age but I was genuinely moved by Antonio’s pleas to Jayden to let him join them. And my heart broke a little when Jayden told him he wasn’t a real Samurai and that they didn’t need him. Man Jayden you can be cold sometimes. Poor Antonio is gutted.

The blade wielding Steeleto isn’t much cop. He’s spent at least a minute slashing at some guy and all he’s managed to do is ruin his suit. He’s still banging on about Vulpes. Perhaps they were lovers? Nighloks never seem that interested in each other the rest of the time. The battle is intense and I do want the Rangers to win, but I don’t know if I can condone Jayden jumping around on someone’s car. They probably worked really hard to get that car Jayden and now you’ve dented it. And for what? You’ve failed to defeat the Nighlok and he’s gone back to the Sanzu River to moisten up. They need a new strategy and now even Mia’s coming around to the idea of recruiting a sixth Ranger. Which is good news for Antonio and bad news for the Nighlok scum.

Antonio is doubting himself but luckily he’s getting a visit from his supporters Mike and Emily. Back at Shiba House, Mia is discussing the decision not to allow Antonio to be a Ranger with Jayden. The truth is Jayden is worried about his friend getting hurt. The others were prepared for the path they’ve followed. Even Kevin is up for giving him a chance! Antonio asks for his Morpher back and queue a terrible flashback. But it’s worth it because Jayden has finally agreed to Antonio being the sixth Ranger. It’s time to kick some Nighlok butt!

I’m a big enough man to admit that Antonio trying to squeeze into the line up made me giggle. Every time I’ve seen it. But right now it’s all about the fighting. Antonio is a bit too busy celebrating finally becoming an official Samurai that he forgets that they are actually there to take down these pesky Moogers. Luckily he’s a fast worker so it’s time for another high speed attack followed by an instant replay. With six Rangers the Moogers really are no challenge but I’m sure they’ll continue to be used, despite their complete lack of success at any point. It’s time to take down the Monster of the Week and it’s gonna be a joint effort from Jayden and Antonio. There’s lots of whiz bang moments as the two launch a joint attack against the bladed rogue. That’s the first form down and we all know what that means…

They’re Mega Moding it up without Antonio. But they’re gonna need the Gold Ranger and his Octozord. Mia’s just had a thought. If the Octozord belonged to Jayden’s family before he gave it to Antonio then it must be compatible with the Megazord! That’s right we’re getting what must be the millionth different Megazord combination. The Octozord adds a bit of new weaponry to the Megazord and it makes taking down this Nighlok a whole lot easier. Down he goes and the Samurai Rangers are victorious once again. Radical! Back at Shiba House they’re having a fish fiesta to celebrate. Ji admits he was wrong to exclude Antonio so quickly and Jayden admits he was wrong too. We end with a cheesy line about Antonio being worth his weight in gold and now we can look forward to more adventures with the Samurai Rangers.

Next time: The Blue and the Gold

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