Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #17

Episode 17: The Tengen Gate
Written by: David McDermott
Directed by: Jonathan Brough

As we fast approach the end of the season these episodes have got a theme running through them. That’s right Deker and his ultimate duel. That guy has no luck when it comes to picking times to challenge Jayden. Something always pops up. What they really need to do is compare diaries and pick a time that suits both of them. Alas Deker lacks the foresight for such things so he just turns up when things are getting complicated. This week is no different. Will Deker ever get his ultimate duel? Who is the latest member of Power Rangers alumni to appear in Power Rangers Samurai? And just what the heck is a Tengen Gate anyway? For the answers to these questions and more read on!

Captain Half-Arsed is making quite a racket. His roar is so loud it’s rolling the rocks on the beaches. Just what’s got Master Xandred all riled up? Well according Octoroo he’s absorbing some new powers that will help him finally succeed. Yeah I don’t have high hopes either. We know how it’s gonna end. He’ll be useless. You can polish a turd but it’s still a turd no matter how shiny it is. Interestingly though Master Xandred needs protecting from other Nighloks. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will kill Captain Half-Arsed and we’ll end up with a half decent master of evil. Not likely I know but I can dream.

Post credits and everyone’s favourite bearded sword obsessive Deker is on the prowl. Even he knows that Xandred is absorbing a power surge. Really not good to let your enemies know when you’re weak Captain Half-Arsed. He’s decided it’s time to duel the Red Ranger as there will be no interference from Xandred. Who are we kidding Deker? Something always comes up. At Shiba House the gap sensors have gone off. The Sanzu River is leaking through to the mortal world. Shit’s about to get real better call on the zords. The Megazord’s got its conical tiger bra on again. These zords have got some super sized Moogers to take on. The flying ones are back to time for the Megazord to take to the skies! The Moogers are no match for these zords and the battle soon ends with victory for our shoulder padded superheroes.

Back on the good ship Xandred Captain Half-Arsed wants to be released from the room he’s locked himself in whilst absorbing his power surge. Octoroo is worried about some scumbag Nighlok getting all up in Xandred’s face as the kids would say today. And enter our Monster of the Week Arachnitor who is just that kind of scumbag. He’s proposing a coup with Octoroo to over throw Captain Half-Arsed. Apparently Xandred can’t be beaten. So he’s destined to be a total loser for the rest of eternity. But he can be sealed away and it looks like our new Nighlok villain is planning on doing just that.

The Rangers are pissed off at the fact that they keep winning every single time yet the Sanzu River keeps on flooding. What the hell is the deal with that? Luckily Ji has a plan. The black box a magical talisman created by the original Red Ranger. But he never finished it and no one else has ever managed it. Maybe Antonio can do it. Now they just have to retrieve the Black box from the guardians of the Tengen Gate. What is the Tengen Gate? Well according to Mike it’s a big wood food but Jayden says it’s an important part of Ranger history. There’s even a stone to commemorate the first battle between the Samurai Rangers and the Nighloks. According to legend the Green Ranger was a bit of a prankster and used to annoy the hell out of the Blue Ranger. Just like now eh guys? That’s according to Daisuke the elder guardian and it’s only Grant McFarland who played one of my favourite villains Lothor back in Ninja Storm as well as playing his guinea pig based brother. Daisuke knows Jayden and he knows he has a secret. Just what is this secret? It’s not time for us to know just yet.

This week’s Nighlok is on the hunt for a Red Ranger and we’re about to learn a legend of Nighloks past with Daisuke. A young woman made a deal with the Nighlok king to save the love of her life. And I’m sure we all remember what happens when you make a deal with a Nighlok from earlier this season with that dreadful ginger kid. The bastard tricked her and turned them both into Nighloks. It took the man’s memory and made him wonder the world alone…wait a minute that sounds very familiar (hint it’s Deker). Mia feels like she’s met the woman. She has. I won’t spoil that one. Speak of the devil Deker’s here and he’s about to run into the Gold Ranger. Antonio wants Deker to accept his challenge. Deker’s hand goes straight to his sword (dirty boy) but Antonio is talking about fish. Yes the warrior eternally searching for the ultimate duel is going on a date with a Power Ranger.

The black box is unveiled and yeah it’s certainly black but it’s not that boxy. Looks like the kinda tat you see hippies selling in crappy markets. But apparently it’s the most powerful weapon the Samurai Rangers have ever had. Jayden’s swears to protect it with his life. It’s all down to Antonio now. But before he’s gonna have chance to look at the black box things are about to get very serious. The Nighloks have sprinkled something into the Rangers’ drinks. Jayden has been poisoned and the Nighloks are attacking! This leaves the other Rangers to deal with the Nighlok threat. They finally decide it’s time to call for some back up and Antonio is forced to abandon his meal with Deker and head to the Tengen Gate. Looks like Deker has decided to head there too.

The Rangers are dealing with a vast army of Moogers and it’s not easy work. Arachnitor manages to tie up the girls during the battle. Elsewhere things are looking grim for Jayden. The Red Ranger is suffering from the effects of the poison and before Daisuke has chance to cure him Octoroo arrives. Jayden gives himself up to protect the Guardians and there’s only thing Octoroo is interesting in. The sealing symbol of course. Outside the Rangers are struggling against Arachnitor and the Moogers. Luckily Antonio has arrived. Kevin and Emily send the Gold Ranger to protect their leader. Jayden’s not having much fun as he crawls along the ground trying to escape Octoroo. Antonio is there to save the day and Deker is there to witness his transformation into the Gold Ranger.

Xandred has recovered just in time to destroy that traitor Arachnitor. Awesome. It’s pretty good timing to be fair as the Nighlok is about to defeat the Samurai Rangers. Arachnitor is dragged back into the Netherworld. Antonio is still battling Octoroo who proves a more worthy opponent than I expected. Well he isn’t much to look at. As the two duel Deker reveals himself and Antonio finally learns that the man he’s been trying to feed fish is a Nighlok. Deker has claimed his prize and taken Jayden before making his escape. Arachnitor meets a sticky end at the hands of Xandred despite pointing out he was the one who defeated four of the Rangers. We end with Deker carrying Jayden over his shoulder revealing their duel is getting closer. What a way to end. We haven’t even been able to answer all the questions we started out with and I’m sure there will be even more questions when the story continues in the next episode.

Next time:  Boxed In

Pictures taken from the Samurai Power Rangers Gateway

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