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Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #16

Episode 16: Team Spirit
Written by: Billy Rueben and James W. Bates
Directed by: Jonathan Brough

We’re fast approaching the end of season one of Power Rangers Samurai so what does episode sixteen have in store for us? Well Emily is the focal point of today’s episode. There’s a new Nighlok in town that’s all about the spirit stealing. I feel I should get into the spirit of the show and come up with some terrible puns and wordplay. How about “it’s going to be a spirited adventure?” that’s about the best I can come up with right now. Can the Samurai Rangers save Emily from eternal slumber? Will the Rangers make the ultimate sacrifice to save their friend? Has Master Xandred finally stopped being a half arsed villain? For the answers to these questions and more read on!

Just where is everybody? That’s the question that Emily is asking as she walks the halls of Shiba House. Kevin’s keeping an eye on her. Just what are they up to? Wow it’s Emily’s birthday, the first without her sister, and the gang are throwing her a surprise party! Ain’t that just the sweetest thing? Mia’s planning on making a cake but the rest of the Rangers really aren’t keen on that idea but they hide it well. Subtlety is a word they don’t understand in Power Rangers. I hope nothing spoils this happy day for our beloved Yellow Ranger…

Down on the good ship half arsed Octoroo’s worried about Xandred. He’s not worried about how piss poor a leader he is. He’s worried about his constant mood swings. He has a warning for Dayu. He knows she’s been talking to Deker and he warns her not to continue because it’ll annoy Xandred. Oh diddums we don’t want to annoy precious Princess Xandred do we? ‘Cause he’ll whine and complain and do nothing of any actual use like every other bloody episode.

Antonio is fishing. He’s trying to catch some of Emily’s favourite fish for her birthday. She was the first to accept him as a Samurai and Antonio won’t forget that. I know this because he told the Clawzord all about it. He also invited him to Emily’s party. Not sure how she’s gonna feel about that. I’d be pretty happy to have a zord at my party. But I don’t have parties because I don’t have friends. That’s why I have time to write these reviews. So if you enjoy these reviews and want to thank me throw me a surprise birthday party with zords in attendance next year.

Back with Octoroo and Dayu we learn that the Sanzu River has actually been rising and the Nighloks are getting stronger. Really not sure how this is happening as they get their arses handed back to them week in week out. It’s time to meet our Monster of the Week. This time around its Splitface who looks like he might actually be a severe case of genital warts. He just looks unpleasant but I’m sure he’ll be really effective…

Deker’s got problems of his own. Xandred’s attempts to bind him are doomed but due to his half human half Nighlok condition his fate his sealed. He’s touching his sword again so I guess he’s banging on about his ultimate duel. He’s a pretty cool warrior and al but Jesus Christ is he dull. Come on man you need a bit of substance. Take up a hobby. Stamp collecting, trading cards, fishing anything at all! There’s more to life than polishing your sword and that’s a lesson all teenage boys could do with learning too. This is where things start to get odd as Deker happens to pass Antonio on his way back from fishing. Antonio mistakes the villainous swordsman as a fellow fisherman and invites him for a fish supper. It’s all a little odd and Deker declines Antonio’s kind offer which is pretty fortunate as Jayden’s on the phone there’s a Nighlok attack.

So Splitface is tearing up downtown the Nameless City stealing the spirits of the people he meets. The Rangers arrive to meet him but this Nighlok isn’t easy to take down. He splits his weird little boils apart when the Rangers try slashing him. To make matters worse he’s set his sights on the Yellow Ranger! He’s only stolen her spirit! Anyone but Emily. I like Emily. Couldn’t you have taken Mia? She doesn’t really do anything and she’s a bit wet. Emily won’t wake up! In 24 hours her spirit will belong to the Nighlok forever. The only way to get it back is to defeat Spitface. But he’s escaping to the Netherworld where no mortal can enter. Spitface escapes and the Rangers are left to face the damage he left in his wake. Antonio has found a new reserve of determination now he has to save Emily. He continues his work with the Clawzord.

Emily’s awake! That’s a relief. But it’s not all god news. She feels empty. She knows things are bad. She’s missing a spirit and you can't get through life in the Power Rangers universe without one of them! Mike seems the most concerned. She apologises for letting Splitface get her but they’re just relieved she’s okay. I’m welling up right now. It’s just so damn moving. They’re a true team. How far they’ve come since Origins Part One. Jayden promises they’ll save her. The team has fire in their bellies and it’s time to sort this mess out. Mike’s trying to draw out the villainous Nighlok. Guess who’s just turned up? That’s right it’s Deker. He’s here for his duel but he’s turned up at a bad time yet again. Perhaps not that bad. He’s got information for the Rangers. He knows how they can enter the Nighlok world. They just have to give themselves up to the Nighloks and become one of them. Could they possibly do it? Become the very thing they hate to save their fallen ally? Mike volunteers straight away declaring Emily the best of them. Jayden and Kevin are both dedicated to protecting the whole world but once Mia says she’ll go too Jayden says they’ll all go. Luckily they don’t have to because Antonio arrives and he has a plan to draw out the Nighlok!

The team are combining their symbol power to repair the Clawzord. And by Jove they’ve succeeded! Summoning Splitface back to the mortal world too. Apparently during their last battle Antonio marked the Nighlok with the same symbol he’s been using on the Clawzord. The successful repair of the Clawzord with the same symbol was enough to drag Splitface back into the mortal realm. People this is why you need a sixth Ranger. What a genius. He’s not been here long and he’s already impressing me. Fantastico! Now he’s back it’s time to kick some Nighlok arse. The Rangers are suited up and there is some kicking and punching coming Splitface’s way. Jayden finishes him with his trusty Fire Smasher and we all know what happens when the first form goes down…

Without Emily the Rangers are unable to form the Megazord! But fear not loyal readers for we have a new zord. Yes it’s Antonio’s show today as he gets to call on the mighty clawzord. And he has a few cheeky claw based lines. Gotta love that scripting. I’m not sure we need quite so many “golden moment” lines. The clawzord is a fairly impressive zord. He can stand up and everything. He’s got this whole spinny thing on his face which is pretty cool. Looks like he could do with some backup. Time for a jolly boys’ outing. Let’s get out the Samurai Battlewing and take this sucker down once and for all. It doesn’t take long for them to finish the beast and that’s enough to return all the spirits to their rightful owners.

Emily is back! We’re all happy again! Especially Mike. And she’s loving her surprise party! She’s got a card from her sister (guess she hasn’t died yet which is pretty good). They’ve even got a birthday cake. Wait a minute happy birthday Emily and clawzord? You guys so crazy! I guess technically it’s his birthday too so he deserves to celebrate. We get a tender moment where they all agree Emily is the best of them. Emily’s a bit wary of her cake until she realises Mia didn’t make it and that’s the end of this chapter. Let’s end by taking a minute to mourn the passing of a tradition. Back in Power Rangers heyday any cake that was introduced would have ended up on Bulk’s face. I guess that’s what they call progress.

Next Time: The Tengen Gate

Pictures taken from the Samurai Power Rangers Gateway

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