Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #10

Episode 10: Forest for the Trees
Written by: Jill Donnellan and Seth Walther
Directed by: Jonathan Brough

It’s a Mike focused episode this time round and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. We’ve even got a whole new Megazord to enjoy! Will Jayden pick the right Ranger for the job of piloting the Beetle Zord? Will Mike learn some valuable life lessons? Is there such thing as too many zords? Will Bulk have a return to form and get squirted in the face? Will this be the last time I ponder over such a query? For the answer to these questions and more read on dear reader read on!

The Rangers have recovered three of the long lost power disks and that means they’ve got an all new power to employ in their battle against the Nighloks. Yes combined the Beetle, the Tiger and the Swordfish form the Samurai Battlewing. I’m sure it’s awesome. Bit of an odd combination to be honest. In nature you don’t often see Tigers and Swordfish hanging out. But who am I to criticise? Also, in Ji’s book it’s referred to as the Beetle Wing Zord. A bit of miscommunication going on there somewhere methinks. Jayden and Ji need to pick the team to pilot this new Megazord. Jayden will officially be in charge of the Tiger Zord, and there’s only one choice when it comes to the Swordfish (Kevin of course- he caught it himself I’m sure you recall). But who will they choose to pilot of the Beetle Zord? Mike right? No! They’ve only chosen Mia, completely rocking Mike’s confidence completely. Mike’s pretty pissed and I don’t blame him.

Post credits, Mike’s pouring his frustration into spinning his sword and jumping around, erm... I mean Samurai training, which is very complex and a lot more than jumping around. Kevin’s eating sushi as we try and keep up the whole Japanese charade. Whilst eating sushi the other Rangers discuss Mike. They’ve noticed Mike’s been trying harder and even Ji believes he has the potential but must learn to listen. Guess what this episode is going to be about? Mike’s having flashbacks to Jayden and Kevin using their special disks and he’s still surprised they didn’t pick him but it’s given him the motivation to work harder and we all need a bit of motivation now and then.

It’s monster of the week time. This time it’s Desperaino who has some sort of despair power so the name is as subtle as you can get with Power Rangers. He makes some magic sad rain which makes a lot of people with funny accents (is this Japan, America or New Zealand? Make your mind up guys) very sad. Mike makes a joke at Kevin’s expense which seems to really hit home. Now you know me, I don’t like to criticise, but sometimes I’m left with little choice. What this episode is basically saying is that this whole time Master Xandred has had a Nighlok who can do the very thing needed to flood the Sanzu River. Why the heck didn’t you send this guy first? In fact why not send all the useless Nighloks to distract the Rangers whilst Desperaino depresses the hell out of the rest of the world? You know what Xandred, you deserve to lose, you’re just terrible. Anyway it’s time for the Rangers (who actually do the best they can take note Xandred) to battle Desperaino. Kevin decides it’s time to whip out the disks, but before Mia gets chance to use the Beetle disk it's shot out of her hand. Mike catches the disk and decides to use it himself. This leads to an argument with his team mates and gives the nasty Nighlok chance to escape. Mike attempts to use the disk but it won’t work. Damnit Mike why couldn’t you just accept you’re not ready for this yet?

Back at Ranger HQ, Mike’s getting a telling off from Ji. Ji’s disappointed and so am I. Mike is stripped of his role as the Green Samurai Ranger as a punishment for his poor judgement. Mike retaliates by using his symbol power to capture Ji’s stick. He then storms off and we’re left a Ranger short for when that pesky Nighlok returns. Kevin, Emily and Mia discuss the argument and Kevin is outraged when Mia suggests that Ji was acting as childish as Mike. Mia believes Mike has the symbol power to pilot the Beetle Zord and that perhaps Ji made the wrong decision in handing her the disk. Inside, Jayden and Ji are about to swap roles as the student becomes the teacher and Jayden explains that Mike needs a different kind of training.

Mike’s at the arcade playing some kind of beat ‘em up with a bear. He’s regretting his actions. Ah well we don’t want to focus too much on the storyline right now, let’s get some comic relief. That’s right Bulk and Spike are at the arcade too. Is there any chance Bulk’s about to get a face full of goop? It seems unlikely. Bulk is continuing Spike’s samurai training with a spot of Dance Dance Revolution. It teaches you such things as team work and balance apparently. I’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse to get Spike jumping around all manic like and it’s not long before the young scamp gets too excited and smacks Bulk right in the face. Spookily Mike walks right passed them like they’re actually in the same show! This is where we learn that mentor is a biker as he pulls up on his hog to pick up Mike for a bit of bonding and emotional growth. Then it’s Spike’s turn to feel the pain as he runs into a road sign. Oh you guys are crazy.

We’re off to Xandred’s ship for more cringe worthy dialogue amongst monsters. Looks like Octoroo is doing a bit of research on the Red Ranger and Deker. Why? Well he’s only teasing us for now but he feels they’ve overlooked something very important. Deker himself is spending quality time with his sword (snigger) once again. It’s good to see Deker and his beard again but it’s a shame he’s not a bit more involved in the action. He seems to have decided upon Jayden for the most epic duel of all time he’s just waiting for the right time and place. The season finale perhaps? Elsewhere, Ji has taken Mike to the forest to help him connect with his powers in a more impressive manner. Most importantly Ji returns Mike’s Samurizer! Lessons are being learned here people. Mike and Ji have found a new respect for each other and Mike even teaches him one of those cool handshakes the kids use these days.

Deker loves his sword

The rest of the Rangers are taking on the Nighlok and not having much luck. He’s flying now and no one can hit him. What a dick. Luckily Mike’s turned up to save the day. With Ji’s words still fresh in his mind Mike can now use the true power of the forest to kick some arse. Mike uses some pretty impressive pole vaulting skills to get himself airborne, which allows him to deliver the killer blow to Mr. Makes People Sad. And we all know what that means…

It’s time for some Megazording. Out come the shoulder pads of Mega Mode and we’re ready for battle once again. Only one problem; this Nighlok can fly and the Megazord is no good against an airborne attack. If only the Rangers had some sort of flying zord combination they could use… Oh wait they do! That’s right it’s time to try out the new Samurai Battlewing and Mia has decided to let Mike use the Beetle disk. That means this is a boys only affair as Kevin, Jayden and Mike pilot the new flying Megazord. Luckily there’s still room for the other Megazord to have a shot at taking down this villain and in the end the beasty is no match for two Megazords. Victory is theirs once again. Back at HQ Mike and Ji cement their new friendly relationship with Mike giving Ji a very special plant that Mike can manipulate into make cool hand gestures. I guess we’ve all learned a lot from this episode. I guess the main thing I’ve learned is that Bulk isn’t going to get squirted in the face anymore. Until next time dear readers…

Next time: Test of the Leader

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