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Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #5

Episode 5: Day Off
Written by: David Schneider and Jill Donnellan
Directed by:  Luke Robinson

Episode 5 already! I wonder what our favourite Samurais will be up to today. Well according to Mike (carrying a skateboard ‘cause he’s cool like that) Ji has given them the day off. Hopefully nothing will interrupt their well earned break and we can have a nice relaxing 25 minutes. Not likely though right dudes? I wonder what terrible monster they will face this week. What lessons will they learn? Who will be the worst actor? What will Bulk get squirted in his face? To find out the answers to these questions and more read on!

Kevin is disappointed because they’ve just started their training session and he demonstrates this with a very impressive kick to the punch bag. Typical Kevin. I’ve decided that after four episodes of ripping into Kevin and his acting I should lay off him for a bit. He’s making it very hard but I’m gonna try. He’s a good guy really. With that in mind this could be a very short review. Jayden won’t be joining them for a day of fun. He’s got Samurai stuff to do. He’s got a new disk to master and he looks very serious about it.

The rest of the gang are off to the amusement park. It’s time for Emily to stake a claim as worst actor of the episode. She’s very loud you know? Mia isn’t exactly Meryl Streep either. Kevin’s worried it’s all a big test because Samurai’s never take a day off. Except for like the last few centuries. Anyway look who else is at the amusement park it’s only Bulk and Spike! I wonder what interaction they’ll have with the Rangers this week? None like usual? Probably.  I think Spike may be a bit slow. He seems to feel the need to announce everything he’s going to do. He’s seen his favourite game, “Splat-a-rat,” and he announces he’s going to play it.

Elsewhere Jayden is practicing with his new disk. It makes his sword go all fire-y (that’s the technical term people) and apparently it isn’t an easy thing to manage judging by Jayden’s face. Ji doesn’t believe Jayden is ready to use the Beetle disk yet and I fear he may be right as it just sent young Jayden flying. Imagine if he tried to use that in battle he’d be completely boned. He’s literally playing with fire says Ji. Jayden lacks balance in his life. Apparently Jayden used to have fun when he was younger and that’s something that’s holding him back now. Ji is worried and so am I. Damn you Jayden why can’t you find the balance you need to succeed as the Red Samurai Ranger? Why? WHY?

Back at the amusement park Spike’s splatted enough rats to claim his prize, a stuffed panda which he’s decided to name Sam (short for Samurai) and Bulk thinks they should adopt it as their mascot. A fascinating little scene I’m sure you’ll agree. We’ve had a whole seven minutes of this episode without any sight of a monster but it’s too good to last. It’s nice to mix up things up a bit now and then and today’s monster doesn’t get the traditional introduction on Master Xandred’s ship. We avoid the usual terrible dialogue involving Octoroo’s face. The Monster of the Week is a little disappointing. Dreadhead is perhaps the lamest looking villain in Samurai so far. He appears to be some sort of ginger Rastafarian who talks like Yosemite Sam. Unfortunately the Ranger’s Spin Swords won’t work against the annoying git so he won’t be going down anytime soon. Hey I wonder if Jayden’s new disk will help in this situation that has just happened to occur on the day he’s trying to use it…

Jayden arrives to save the day! But his sword doesn’t work on Dreadhead either. Something the other Rangers are quick to explain to use just in case we aren’t following the complex plot (note to Saban kids aren’t idiots). Even united their swords do no damage against the Monster of the Week so what can they possibly do? Well apparently I’m psychic because Jayden’s just cracked out the Beetle disk. I bet you’re all really impressed now eh? Unfortunately before he has chance to use it Dreadhead dries out and departs. The Rangers head back to base and Emily tries to rally the troops by telling them they should concentrate on taking down the Monster of the Week. That’s when Jayden reveals he’s been trying to master a new power and we learn that there are lots of hidden disks out there. It’s almost like they put these things in so they can release more and more toys… Unfortunately to master this new disk Jayden needs twice as much Samurai Power as he has now. Jayden is determined to master this disk and that leads to his inner monologue and he pulls a thoughtful face. And that’s when I see it. I suddenly realise just who Jayden looks like.

Alex Heartman's first leading role?

That’s right our fearless leader is a dead ringer for Gary from Team America: World Police who is considered to be a very, very good actor. Most amusing I’m sure you’ll agree. Anyway he’s determined to master the disk so let’s check in with Master Xandred. The Sanzu River is filling up. Yay. Back to Jayden and his attempts to master the beetle disk. For some reason Ji is hiding behind a big rock as he watches his student train. He pops out at one point for a motivational speech which for some reason he doesn’t give to Jayden himself he just sort of says it to no one in particular. Samurai’s work in mysterious ways I guess. Apparently Jayden’s been at it all night as it’s suddenly the next day and the rest of the team go to meet Dreadhead who’s on a rampage in downton…where the hell are they exactly? Looks like Ji left Jayden to it because the next morning he’s lying unconscious in the garden. Good mentoring there Ji! Jayden’s a bit worse for wear but he’s off to join the rest of the team with his big massive red sword. At first he’s reluctant to use the new disk but in the end he conquers his fears and heats things up with some flaming sword action and with the joint power of the other Rangers he’s able to send Dreadhead straight to hell. For a second at least. We all know what that means…

It’s time for the Megazord! But there’s a problem. Even when they’ve been super sized their weapons have no effect on the evil Dreadhead! What the heck can they do? Use the Beetle disk? Oh yeah! It’s only given them access to an all new zord! A Beetle zord! Just in case you didn’t understand what happened Mia is on hand to explain that a zord did indeed come out of the disk. The Beetle zord is a bit more effective against Dreadhead so he calls on some reinforcements. That’s right giant Moogers! This requires a new Megazord combination the Beetle Blaster Megazord! That’s right the Megazord has got a funky new hat made from the new zord!  This new combination makes light work of the Moogers and even without the use of their big sword the Rangers are able to finish Dreadhead once and for all.

That pretty much wraps things off. Luckily Ji has given the gang another day off. Jayden’s coming along too! And he’s even pro cotton candy! The gang then go off to enjoy some well deserved rest and we’re left to ponder on what was a quite shocking episode. I mean Bulk didn’t even get squirted in the face! And I went a whole review without insulting Kevin. Next week’s episode is a key one as the Rangers take on an enemy who shows just how much words can hurt sometimes…

Sorry this review is a bit below par…

Next time: Sticks & Stones

Pictures taken from the Samurai Power Rangers Gateway, be sure to check it out!

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