Thursday, 23 February 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #3

Episode 3: The Team Unites
Alex Heartman as Jayden/Red Samurai Ranger
Najee De-Tiege as Kevin/Blue Samurai Ranger
Erika Fong as Mia/Pink Samurai Ranger
Hector David Jr. as Mike/Green Samurai Ranger
Brittany Anne Pirtle as Emily/Yellow Samurai Ranger
Paul Schrier as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Felix Ryan as Spike Skullovitch
Rene Naufahu as Mentor Ji
Written by David Schneider and James W. Bates
Japanese episode written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Directed by Peter Salmon

So here we are then! The episode that aired first. I have no idea why Nick chose to air this ahead of the perfect series opener “Origins” but what ya gonna do? The best bit about this episode is it’s a Mike-centric episode. I’m a big Mike fan as I’ve mentioned before. He’s the only Ranger that may possess an actual human heart beating in his chest. So I’m filled with joy at the thought of an episode dedicated to my favourite Samurai Ranger before quickly falling to my knees in despair when I realise there must be a Kevin-centric episode just around the corner. Probably featuring Kevin’s Dad. But as I shudder worrying about such nightmares let us be brave and get on with today’s episode…

The episode kicks off with a classic training scene. Mike’s not got the skills of his team mates. Yes Kevin might be played by an actor who makes Daniel Radcliffe look like Laurence Olivier, but he is good at the Samurai stuff like jumping around and avoiding being hit with a big stick. This unfortunately leads to Mike getting repeatedly hit with sticks. I’d have enjoyed the scene more if it was Kevin getting the beating but I imagine bashing two wooden objects together could cause a fire. The last thing I want to see is a smug Kevin. To be fair in Samurai Kevin is usually the last thing I want to see. I’m really hoping they’ll have a decent black actor in this series at some point because Kevin and Kevin’s Dad are making me look like a super racist. The training scene does end with Kevin dropping his pants which is just hilarious. Kev puts in another “incredible” performance as he demonstrates how embarrassed he is by revealing his silky boxers to the girls. Mike is apparently as sick of Kevin as I am and he disappears.

It’s business as usual for Master Xandred. He wants to flood the Sanzu River. Monster of the Week blah blah blah. I imagine for the whole run those scenes aren’t going to be particularly exciting. Next up we have another appearance from our comedy duo Bulk and Spike. This can mean only one thing. That’s right it’s time for Bulk to get squirted in the face with something unpleasant. Now I have to commend the writers for their originality. Last week it was a simple ketchup bottle squirt but this time it’s something more elaborate involving a bowling ball and a tray of white paint. Poor Bulk.
Number of times Bulk has been squirted in the face this season: 2

In this episode we learn a bit about the Power Ranger lifestyle. Mike apparently gets to miss out on going to school. The lucky scamp. This is an episode about responsibility and friendship. Mike’s not enjoying the Samurai lifestyle all that much so he’s hanging out with his bros (I assume kids still talk in this ridiculous manner) at the arcade. Mike’s feeling a little intimidated by the skills of the rest of the team but luckily he has his friends to take his mind off it with their acting abilities (both would get at least a five on the Kevin’s Dad scale). “Who’s Kevin?” asks one of Mike’s chums and it’s a question Mike can’t bring himself to answer. See, I can relate to Mike. I don’t like thinking about Kevin. Just as his friends get a little closer to learning why Mike hates Kevin almost as much as I do the Nighloks attack! This leads to my favourite scene in the episode. Mike’s fat friend screaming “let’s get out of here!” is my highlight this episode. There’s an important lesson about friendship here; as Mike runs to take on the Nighlok his friends attempt to aid him. Can you honestly say you’d attempt to help your friend if he was about to battle a giant monster? I sure as hell wouldn’t if you’re reading friends!

Quote of the Episode:
For those that like their monsters a little bit rapey:
“Hey if you wanna hold my hand try buying me some flowers first you broccoli coloured bum.”

Mike’s no match for this week’s monster who is apparently Stretch Armstrong reincarnated. We learned during the earlier training scene that Mike has yet to learn how to anticipate an attack so Stretch’s ability to use his arms in an underground attack makes him a tough opponent for him (it’s amazing how this all fits together). Luckily Jayden and the others come to save his ass from the Nighlok. As is often the way with a Nighlok he’s drying out so he has to scarper, which gives the Rangers chance to regroup back at their dojo-ish place. Unfortunately this means more Kevin shooting his mouth off. Who made him king of the Rangers? Jayden breaks the news to Mike that to be a Samurai means giving up his friends and it’s quite moving watching Mike looking longingly at his old friends and thinking about how he won’t be able to see them for a long time. I guess no one needed to explain this to Kevin as he has no friends! Oh yeah I went there. Anyway the important thing here is that Mike has learned the importance of training and he spends the night running around and what not which will apparently help him anticipate the monster’s attacks.

So it’s time to throw down with Rofer the Nighlok and the Rangers, minus Mike, turn up to kick some bottom. Then make turns up with a steely look in his eyes, he refuses to give in to this evil beast! But before they can take down the monster of the week they’ve gotta take down a load of Moogers with some awesome sword moves. Then it’s the big one. Mike versus Stretch. Mike’s ready for him this time. He’s out running those stretchy arms, he’s outrunning them good. But Mike has under estimated this vile beasie. Luckily he isn’t alone and Jayden steps in to take the brunt of Rofer’s punch, leaving Mike to deliver the killer blow with his spin sword. Now that the first form of our monster of the week has been taken down we all know what happens next…

Out come the folding zords once again as well as the always delightful Mega Mode. Mike’s determined to take down stretch alone. Apparently he hasn’t watched past seasons of Power Rangers because if he had he’d know the true value of team work. Luckily his friends are there to catch him when he falls and to turn into a kick ass Megazord to finish the beast off once and for all! Mike’s finally realised it’s time to work as team and Mia notes that he “has come a long way.” You gotta love an episode that entertains and educates at the same time. Jayden shows just why he is the leader as he helps Mike prepare for the Nighlok’s deadly attack and as a result they’re able to finally defeat him and the Samurais triumph once again.

That just leaves us with a nice little scene to tie up the lessons of the episode. Mike concedes he couldn’t have done it without Jayden and Jayden is quick to point out they can do anything as a team and I cry a bit at just how right he is. So what did we learn from the third episode of Power Rangers Samurai? We learned Jayden is a worthy leader. We learned Mike has it in him to be to be a great Samurai. We learned that Mia and Emily both look really pretty and have lovely hair. And we learned that I really don’t like Kevin. What exciting things will we learn next time? Well fear not dear reader because we’ll find out very soon!

Next time: Deal With a Nighlok

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