Thursday, 12 July 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #21

Special #1: Party Monsters
Written by: James W. Bates and Amit Bhaumik
Directed by: Akihiro Noguchi

It’s Halloween in Power Rangers land and how will we be celebrating this ghoulish holiday? With a clips show? Oh. Fear not dear reader I will not punish you with a full length commentary on what we’ve already discussed on this blog. Welcome to the first of my mini reviews for pointless clip shows! Following this week’s announcement of Power Rangers Megaforce it looks like this could well become a regular thing. Will this episode show  “The Simpsons” like out of the box thinking to produce something original within the clip show parameters? Can I really string a decent review of a clip show together? Are these questions at the start really necessary when there really aren’t any new answers to be found here? For the answers to these questions and more read on!

Ever wonder what happens to the Monster of the Week after the Power Rangers have defeated them? Well apparently they have secret Halloween parties in spooky castles. They even have secret passwords. Happy Halloween. What a genius password. Apparently this spooky castle is the “Spookeasy Club” which is probably the best name for anything in the history of Power Rangers. People I doubt we will ever see this level of cleverness in Power Rangers again. So what happens in the Spookeasy Club? Well they’re holding their first annual Nighlok Halloween party. Nighloks are literally dying to get in apparently. Oh I see it’s a gathering of all the failed monsters of the week. So it should basically be called the underachiever’s club?

Basically these obnoxious morons hang around talking with their god awful voices about how they were defeated by the Power Rangers. Now if you’re reading this you really don’t need me to cover old ground again. You’re probably stilled bored out of your mind with having to read through it all again so I will spare you that horror this time. Let’s skip to the end and see how it ends. It’s time to catch up with the one and only Captain Half Arsed.  So what’s up with Master Xandred this week? Well the whiney git is disappointed that the dearly departed Nighloks left the Spookeasy club before he got to play a trick on them. Octoroo points out Xandred wouldn’t want to be invited as the guest list is lifted from the obituaries. But he’d be the life of the party quips the idiotic Nighlok king. Octoroo then refers to him as “Big Red” which is rather disturbing. I imagine “Big Red” would be Xandred’s pornstar name if he ever decides on a change of career and they are certainly films I don’t want to see. But let us end on a positive note. Xandred you stupid putz I can almost guarantee you’ll be invited to next year’s Halloween Party!

Next time: A much less mini commentary as I tackle Clash of the Red Rangers.

As ever the pictures what I used are taken from The Samurai Power Rangers Gateway be sure to pay them a visit.

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