Monday, 16 July 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Confectionery Review

Today we have a different kind of review for your reading pleasure. On my trip to the supermarket today I came across not one, not two but three Power Rangers Samurai based confectionery items. I am of course dedicated to providing my loyal readers with all the best Power Rangers news and products reviews and I also really like sweets (that's candy to you American chaps and chapettes). So here is my review of the latest Samurai goodies.

The three new treats on offer are the Power Rangers Samurai Surprise Egg, Power Rangers Samurai Roll'ems and Power Rangers Samurai Little Somethings.

First up we have the Surprise Egg which as you've probably gathered from the name has a surprise or two inside. Let's open it up and take a look inside.

Inside each of the Surprise you will a small bag of jelly beans, a small sheet of stickers and a surprise item. In this particular egg I got an eraser which will come in very useful for all the times I do stuff that needs erasing... 

The other egg I purchased had a rather nifty keyring. The jelly beans aren't that impressive as they appear to be the same flavour in each time and there's only two different ones. 

The stickers are pretty cool perhaps even better than those given away with the first issue of the official Power Rangers Samurai Magazine.

According to the handy leaflet inside the egg the other items available in these eggs include notebooks, disk shooters, badges and magnets! I know I'll be trying to collect them all. And at 85p this mystery egg is fairly cheap fun for Power Rangers fans young and old.

Next up we have Roll'ems a box of delightful solid chocolate balls. If you like chocolate and you like balls then this is the perfect treat for you.

Not only can you enjoy the taste of these chocolate balls you can entertain yourself for literally seconds by rolling the balls around. What a treat!

This is the middle of the price range for these three Power Rangers treats and by far the most delicious. At 50p you'll have no complaints with these chocolate balls!

The last of our Power Rangers sweeties is this pyramid of delights known as Little Somethings. Once you've managed to open this cunning package inside you'll find the latest in a long line of Smarties rip offs.

At 25p you can't really complain about these little chocolatey treats. You get a fairly generous portion in the little sachet so if you have more than one obnoxious child in need of a sweet treat this is the way to go.

So there you go! If you have morbidly obese children who love Power Rangers and love tasty treats you've found the perfect gift for them and you can get all for well under £2!

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