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Power Rangers Samurai Episode Commentary #18

Episode 18: Boxed In
Written by: Seth Walther
Directed by: Jonathan Brough

Apologies to the handful of people who take time to read this blog. I don't have a good excuse for how long it's taken me to get this review done. And to make matters worse it's the longest review yet! Hopefully the next review will not take as long to get up!

Last time out things were looking grim for our heroes. The Rangers had headed to the Tengen Gate to collect the Black Box, the most powerful weapon available to a Samurai Warrior, when they had to battle a Nighlok that wasn’t completely useless. We left the Rangers defeated, with Jayden poisoned and in the grasp of Deker and Antonio as the last man standing. This week’s episode promises to be epic. Will Deker and Jayden finally have their ultimate duel? Can the Rangers master the Black Box? Can Xandred stop being a completely useless villain? For the answers to these questions and more read on!

Things are looking bad for our heroes back at Shiba House. The remaining Rangers are pretty banged up after their encounter with Arachnitor. Ji’s getting worried about the growing Nighlok threat. Soon, he believes, not even the Rangers will be able to stop Xandred and his evil minions. Ji can see only one way the team can be successful. Antonio needs to master the Black Box! But can the Gold Ranger achieve such brilliance without any formal symbol training? Well I believe in Antonio. He built his own frigging Samurai morpher- the guy’s a genius! Ji believes in Antonio too and that’s good enough for me. Elsewhere in Shiba House Kevin is determined to carry on the fight even though he’s in no fit state to do so. But what of our fallen leader? Well Jayden is currently in the possession of half Nighlok Deker. The sword loving beastie is commenting on how he seems to spend a lot of time rescuing the Red Ranger these days and he’s got a point. This is followed by a death threat so I guess Deker’s a bit of a douche. Even so he’s cured Jayden of his poisoning preparing him for their ultimate duel (yes he’s still banging on about that).

Post credits, we’re down on the good ship half arsed with Xandred and Octoroo. Octoroo is worried Xandred thinks he’d betrayed him with last episode’s high jinx. Luckily for him Xandred doesn’t believe that he’s been betrayed by his tentacle faced chum, but he does bemoan missing out on a chance to finish the Red Ranger. Now all my regular readers know I’m not a complainer. I don’t like to moan and whine about the severe stupidity of the main villain in this series, but Jesus Christ Master Xandred is just terrible. Last week he stopped the monster of the week from defeating the Power Rangers and now he’s whining about it like a little bitch. It’s your own damn fault you stupid red gimp. Xandred’s also got beef with Deker. Way to go fearless leader. You stop everyone who is even mildly successful in achieving your aims. What a genius! Well he’s sending Dayu after him. I’m sure that’ll end well. Apparently last week’s monster of the week isn’t finished yet. Xandred’s pumping him full of power (snigger) so when he mutates they can send him back. Yeah should have just left him there last week to finish the deed. Idiot.

This monster is an idiot.

What are Bulk and Spike up to this week? I hear you call. Well Bulk’s decided that it’s time to do more than train; it’s time to get out there and help people. Just what shenanigans will these two get up to? We’ll have to wait and see as we’re heading back to the Shiba house. Things aren’t going well with the Black Box. Antonio looks pretty rough as he pours all his symbol power into the ancient knick-knack. He needs to pace himself- Ji said so. But the whole world rests on the Gold Ranger’s shoulders and he won’t give up. The only problem is that if there’s another Nighlok attack he’s the only Ranger fit enough to take them on. What are the chances of another Nighlok attack today though eh? Kevin’s not taking his injury lying down. He wants to help. They need to save Jayden.

Speaking of Jayden, he’s spending a night alone with bearded beastie Deker in a dark cave. He’s been cured of his poisoning which is pretty good, but that means he’s now got to face Deker in a duel. Jayden wants to know why he’s doing this. Well you should really know by now Jayden he’s been banging on about his sword and ultimate duel. Jayden doesn’t just fight for the sake of it though. Deker used to be fully human but now he’s half Nighlok; he has to duel he has no choice. Jayden’s really not up for it even if it will cure Deker of this god forsaken curse! Deyu is there and hints at some secret involving the bearded swordsman. Just what could it be? I guess we’ll never know! Ha I’m just messing with you. Everything will soon be revealed!

A romantic evening down by the fire.

Back down with Xandred and Octoroo and our old pal Arachnitor is about to transform in to some sort of super Nighlok. Yeah let’s hope he can match his normal self who nearly won last week you bloody fools! Oh well he’s off to scare some humans because that’s so much better than defeating the Power Rangers. Anyway let us not let the stupidity of our might villain drag us down let’s see what’s going on at Shiba House. Antonio is still putting himself through hell trying to fix that pesky Black Box. Things are about to get even more dangerous as he needs the symbol powers of his fellow Rangers. Kevin and the other Rangers won’t let the Golden Wonder take on this task alone, and Kev gives a rousing speech about how they need to work together. I literally had tears in my eyes man. But there’s a problem guys! The gosh darn gap sensor has been set off! Why now? The Rangers are dedicated to protecting the innocent. Antonio wants to look for Jayden whilst the others take on the Nighlok. Ji’s having none of it. He must repair the Black Box but he needs the Rangers Power Discs and they’re taking those into battle. The rest of the Rangers bravely surrender their discs to the Gold Ranger and head off into battle without them. This is dangerous guys, our heroes are in real danger. Hopefully Antonio will get that Black Box working very soon.

Elsewhere Arachnitor is blowing stuff up and Bulk and Spike are out trying to be Samurai warriors. Their latest scheme involves helping an old woman cross the road. Yes, that old chestnut. How will this comedy gold be played out you may be asking yourself right now. Well like this: Spike offers to help the old dear across the road and then shit gets crazy and we have a massive earthquake! The old woman has no time for a whimpering Spike who is holding on to her for dear life. She ditches him and makes a run for it. Classic! It does strengthen the argument for forced euthanasia of the elderly, but that’s a debate for another time.

The Rangers have arrived and Mia’s spotted a similarity between this week’s monster of the week and last week’s. It’s like it’s mutated. Yes mutated from villainous genius to slack jawed goon. Did I mention just how impressed I am with Xandred’s strategy? The fight is intense. Do the Rangers stand any chance? There are only four of them and they aren’t in the best of states. Antonio’s making progress with the Black Box but he’s hit a barrier. He just doesn’t have the symbol power to do it quickly enough. He’s losing hope and as an audience we begin to lose hope too, and without hope what do we have? The pressure of the whole world depending on his success is getting to Antonio, but it’s also inspired him. He’s gonna use satellites to track down the missing Jayden! Ji allows him to leave the Black Box for later and Antonio heads off to find the Red Ranger.

Jayden’s fully recovered, and now he’s probing Deker about why he’s so obsessed with duelling him. Just what is it about Jayden that gets Deker stroking his sword? Well they’re alike apparently. Jayden also has a secret, and they’re both warped and twisted. A bit harsh. Don’t worry though, Deker follows it up with a compliment; Jayden has a warrior’s spirit which is a pretty nice thing to say. Just as the duel is about to begin Antonio arrives to save his friend. Deker calls him fisherman- it’s like their thing you know. Looks like the duel is off again. For a guy who is so into this duel happening Deker needs very little persuading to let Jayden go yet again, but he promises the next time they meet they will duel. Like he’s said every other time. Dayu is watching and whispers an apology for what she’s done to the sword wielding half Nighlok. Just what is she sorry for? We’ll be finding out soon enough!

Back at the Nighlok battle, Kevin is kicking bottom like there’s no tomorrow. The Rangers are doing pretty well without their power discs which I won’t lie is a relief. Arachnitor is proving a pretty a difficult foe for the four remaining Rangers. Perhaps they need some backup. Enter Jayden and Antonio! The team is reunited at last and now it’s time to take this Nighlok sucker down! Time for a bit of slow mo Gold Ranger action. I’m not sure announcing his name to everyone is the best idea. Does anyone remember the good old days where the Power Rangers used to guard their identities? They have secret identities for a reason. Admittedly, they don’t try as hard to keep the Samurai Rangers identities hidden…anyway I’m getting sidetracked; we’re mid-battle- this is not the time to fret about secret identities! Jayden’s whipped out his Fire Smasher but even that isn’t enough. The Rangers are still pretty exhausted from the last episode. They need to combine their strength and use a move that doesn’t require much symbol power to finish this douche bag.  Now that Arachnitor has taken a pasting the Rangers have a bigger problem to deal with; Giant Moogers!

Bulk and Spike are determined to save the people of the nameless city. That is until they spot the army of Giant Moogers on the rampage. Our wannabe heroes make a run for it as we face a giant monster jamboree. It’s time to crack out the folding zords and attach our shoulder pads for Mega Mode; there’s a Megazord fight on the way! Antonio has a theory about these guys, a big bang theory. The Gold Ranger is gonna deal with the Giant Moogers, allowing the rest of the gang to take on Arachnitor. But before they have chance there’s an attack from even more Moogers, these time the flying variety. It’s time for the Megazord to take to the air and finish them! The theme starts playing and that means the end is nigh for these Moogers. Arachnitor has escaped to fight another day but for now victory belongs to the Rangers!

Back at Shiba House, Jayden is dwelling on the words of his foe Deker. What is Jayden’s secret and is he really warped and twisted? The rest of the gang are worried about their leader and they invite him for pizza and a strategy meeting but the Red Ranger needs some alone time and turns down his team mates' offer. Jayden returns to thinking of sword polisher Deker, which makes him realise that the half Nighlok is wrong. We make our own choices and we choose who we are and what we do. This put’s a smile on the Red Rangers face and he decides to join his amigos for some food based fun. We end with another gold pun from Antonio and now we have time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from this episode.

Next time: Broken Dreams

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